Sensor Cam

A View from the Anemometer Sensor

NOTE: These are recorded video and static images from August 1, 2011 taken during the
anemometer sensor upgrade. Not a Live camera! Please read on for more information

On August 1st, 2011, Wind Power replaced the Weather Center's anemometer (wind) sensor with a brand new 'Pro Anemometer' from The 'Pro Anemometer' sensor has larger cups and a longer & weighted wind vane which provides more accurate wind speeds and direction measurements. During the replacement, Kevin ran his digital camera up the mast a couple times and took some videos. The static images and videos below are from that ride up and down the mast. It really gives you an idea of how high the sensor is and a nice view of Roosevelt Park and South Lake Winnebago.

For more information and images of the sensor and the mast it is mounted on, see the sensor info page.

view from mast apex at Wind Power Surf Shop
another view from mast apex at Wind Power Surf Shop
Views from mast apex at Wind Power Weather Center

Wind Power would like to put a Live webcam at the top of the mast at some point. A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera would be ideal as it allows camera position to be adjusted. Newer webcams have ePTZ which allows a higher resolution camera mounted in a fixed position to serve up a portion of the higher resolution image to effectively change the camera's view.

Weather data and summary provided for informational purposes only.