Launch Sites

Lake Winnebago is a great place for many water activities.  The map below shows many of the popular launch sites for windsurfing and kiting. 

The launch sites shown are all public and using them for sport is a privilege.  Please show respect for others and the launch so we can continue to utilize and enjoy these access points to Lake Winnebago.

If you are new to windsurfing or kiting, the Wind Power and Deadwood Point launches are very user friendly.  Deadwood Point has a large shallow area and is a great place to learn for sailors of all levels.  Call the Wind Power Surf Shop and start sailing with local sailors if you are serious about improving.

For each launch, there is a marker on the map and description below.  The Launch faces is the direction perpendicular to the shoreline which would yield a straight onshore wind.  The Best and Good wind ranges are based on geography and experience that would, in most cases, provide the best wind & waves for sailing.  We typically don't sail or kite in offshore winds, we find a better launch for that particular wind direction.  Each Weather Center Sensor shows recommended launches based on these values when wind is at least 1 Windsock. 

Some of the information provided below is subjective.  You may have a different opinion on the wind ranges provided and other details about the launch.  If you have a comment or question, please contact us.

A.    Wind Power - Fond du Lac

Google directions to gps: 43.808011, -88.399484

This is by far the most popular windsurfing site on Lake Winnebago. Roosevelt Park includes a large grassy rigging area, restrooms (open all year round), picnic tables, grills and abundant parking close to the launch. The lake is shallow and sandy for first 100 yards. Shortboard on southwest through northeast winds. Southwest crab to wind line to great slalom sailing. West to northwest gives port ramps. North to northeast gives yields port and starboard ramps and onshore waves.


Launch faces: NNW (330°)
Best range: W (260°) to N (10°)
Good range: WSW (240°) to NNE (20°)

B.    Deadwood Point - Fond du Lac

Google directions to gps: 43.838947, -88.387831

The South end of Lake Winnebago is blessed with a new fabulous beach thanks to the Town Of Taycheedah. The New beach is on Deadwood Point which is approx. 2 miles up the east shore of the lake. It's the point you see when you look to the Northeast from Roosevelt County Park. It has a grass rigging area and a sand beach so it's great for launching a kite or windsurfing. It's shallow for a few hundred yards or more so a great place to learn and improve skills whether kiting or shortboarding. This launch is great on South, West, North to Northeast winds and being a point it gets great wind.


Launch faces: W (270°)
Best range: S (190°) to N (360°)
Good range: S (180°) to N (10°)

C.    Columbia Park - Pipe

Google directions to gps: 43.914900, -88.332000

Columbia park features large grassy rigging area, restrooms, picnic tables and grills. Plenty of parking close to the water. Also, camping, lookout tower and boat launch. Shortboard on southwest through north winds. Southwest and north winds produce a tricky wind shadow between shore and wind line. Good ramps all wind directions. Advise Sailing with a Friend.


Launch faces: W (280°)
Best range: SW (215°) to N (355°)
Good range: S (180°) to N (0°)

D.    Wayside - Fond du Lac

Google directions to gps: 43.844300, -88.462400

The U.S. Hwy 45 Wayside features grassy rigging, restrooms and parking on the water. Easy launch with very shallow bottom first 100 yards. Don't bust up that new fin, be careful. Shortboard on south, southeast and east winds. Good slalom conditions with small chop and waves. Big east wind days can produce good wave and ramps.


Launch faces: E (90°)
Best range: NNE (20°) to SSE (160°)
Good range: N (0°) to S (180°)

E.    Sherwood Landing - Sherwood

Google directions to gps: 44.173028, -88.299932

The Sherwood boat landing is one of the best spots on Lake Winnebago.   This is a beautiful place to sail and visit with High Cliff State Park to the east. There is plenty of parking and rigging area for windsurf, kite, kayak, etc.  The bottom is mostly sand and the sand bars go out about a couple hundred feet.  Winds from SW clockwise to WNW can yield great waves with starboard jumps and fun outside jibes on the large swells.  On SSW winds, it is port tack away from the beach which can provide some flat-water conditions for kiters and windsurfers.  On strong days, it can be quite challenging for beginner and intermediate sailors, but it can be the best spot on Lake Winnebago.


Launch faces: SW (230°)
Best range: SW (220°) to WNW (300°)
Good range: S (190°) to NW (320°)

F.    Brighton Beach - Menasha

Google directions to gps: 44.206549, -88.414465

Brighton Beach is local public beach in Menasha.  Please respect other beach goers and swimmers if you choose to rig and launch here.  It has a plenty of grass rigging area and sand bottom.  It can be good for beginners on light East to South winds. 


Launch faces: SSE (165°)
Best range: ESE (110°) to WSW (250°)
Good range: E (90°) to W (270°)

G.    Fresh Air Park - Neenah

Google directions to gps: 44.155369, -88.443048

Fresh Air Park in Neenah is another alternative on the North end of the lake for East to South winds.  There is plenty of parking and grass rigging area.  This park is typically not as crowded as Brighton Beach and is more seculed among many trees around Wheeler Point.  You can sail here on a Northeast if you get around the point to some clean wind. 


Launch faces: S (175°)
Best range: E (90°) to S (190°)
Good range: ENE (70°) to SW (220°)

H.    Menominee Park - Oshkosh

Google directions to gps: 44.020344, -88.516352

Menoninee Park in Oshkosh is a public beach with plenty of parking and grass rigging area.  At times there can be a lot going on at this beach, so please respect everyone.  Unlike many of the launches on Lake Winnebago, the water gets deep right away off the shoreline.  It may be difficult to drift launch a kite, so the Wayside or Brighton Beach may be a better option.  One can sail here on Northeast to South winds.


Launch faces: ESE (105°)
Best range: NE (50°) to SSE (150°)
Good range: NNE (30°) to SSE (160°)

I.    Fire Lane 8 - Menasha

Google directions to gps: 44.204158, -88.363425

Fire Lane 8 is one of the many lake access points around Lake Winnebago.  There is very little rigging area and parking is limited.  The bottom is sandy and the sandbars go out about 150 yards.  It is a good spot for beginners who are looking for a good North end launch. 


Launch faces: S (190°)
Best range: ESE (110°) to WSW (250°)
Good range: E (90°) to W (270°)

J.    High Cliff - Sherwood

Google directions to gps: 44.167140, -88.296292

High Cliff is one of the best launches on North end of Lake Winnebago. Nice rigging area, plenty of parking but a park permit or day-pass is required for park entry. Good on South through West winds.


Launch faces: WSW (240°)
Best range: SW (220°) to WNW (300°)
Good range: S (190°) to NW (320°)
Weather data and analysis provided for informational purposes only