About Wind Power Weather

The Wind Power Weather Center is a local Weather & Information network focused on the Lake Winnebago System, Wisconsin and western Great Lakes.  Initially created to aid the windsurfing and sailing communities, the network has grown to support boating, fishing, kayaking, beach goers and more. 

We have multiple weather sensors around the Lake Winnebago system that provide accurate wind & weather.  Conditions on Lake Winnebago can vary from locations just a few miles apart and that can make a big difference for sailors, boaters, and anyone around the Lake.

The Weather Center provides some valuable features to our users:

  • A sensor map showing our hosted sensors, NOAA & NDBC stations, water temperatures, local cameras and other places of interest
  • Each hosted sensor has detailed current conditions, forecast, history pages and more
  • Daily Forecast email so users can quickly see wind and weather conditions for the next week
  • Windsock Alert emails to alert users of wind conditions at any of the hosted sensors
  • Map of local launch sites for windsurf, kite, etc.

This site would not be possible without our Hosted Sensors.  So, Thank You to our Hosts!  If you are interested in hosting a sensor, please contact us.

We are using a revolutionary new Weather Station for our sensors, it is the WeatherFlow Tempest.  The Tempest sensor is wireless, solar powered and has no moving parts.  The anemometer is sonic and the rain sensor is haptic.  It even has lightning detection and UV along with pressure, humidity, etc.  The sensor can typically be setup in less than a hour.  We have been testing the Tempest stations since June 2020 and installed the Brighton Beach sensor in July 2020.  You can learn more about the Tempest here.

So, if you are new to our site:







Weather data and analysis provided for informational purposes only